Dennis Q. Green

Dennis Green is a People Operations Generalist for Figure Technologies. Figure is a FinTech that offers innovative financial solutions powered by Blockchain technologies. As part of his role, Dennis gets to support the day-to-day operations as a human resource component and helps set the foundation for his team’s success. His favorite thing about being in human resources is acting as a culture carrier. He strives to ensure that he helps create an environment for empowerment and inclusion in all that he does.

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The EQ Factor

One of the cornerstone qualities of a leader in this day and age is the ability to assess and read the emotions in situations. This is known as many things in the leadership world, empathy and social awareness, but I like to use a term called “Emotional Intelligence,” which has become a generally accepted term […]

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Lead, don’t manage.

A time-old tale that has been discussed repeatedly in leadership – lies in the difference between a “manager” and a “leader.” In my humble perspective, one should always seek to be a leader. You’re probably asking, “Dennis, what is the difference?” Before sending my perspectives out into the universe, I must set up how to […]

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Get ready. Get set. Don’t go.

The most defining trait I’ve seen in a leader that has directly correlated back to their success is the ability to pivot. Leaders often set upon a mission with such ruthless and blind dedication to a cause, and it has usually caused the ruin of relationships, trust, and even credibility. Let’s dive a little deeper […]

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