Who I am?

One of the biggest questions I always struggle to answer is who I am? Professionally and in a community sense.

Well, here is how I describe myself to all my leaders. I hope you don’t mind if I talk about myself in the third person! I find it much easier that way.

Dennis Green is a People Operations Generalist for Figure Technologies. Figure is a FinTech that offers innovative financial solutions powered by Blockchain technologies. As part of his role, Dennis gets to support the day-to-day operations as a human resource component and helps set the foundation for his team’s success. His favorite thing about being in human resources is acting as a culture carrier. He strives to ensure that he helps create an environment for empowerment and inclusion in all that he does.

Organizationally, Dennis spends every waking second of his time being involved; currently, he is in the following positions: Board Member for the Our Center Board of Directors, The Mascot Coach on the University Cheer & Spirit Team, Member-at-large for the Nevada Young Alumni Chapter, The Chartering Committee for the City of Reno and is a Big Brother for Big Brothers and Big Sisters of America.

His highest enjoyment in life is mentoring others and helping them become their best selves. As he continues his career in people operations and managing human capital, he hopes to serve as a valuable component of all business functions as an HR business partner. His strengths have always been people-centric, focused on uplifting and empowering individuals and organizations. He has honed the art of engaging diverse communities to promote the quality of life both locally and nationally. The only thing that matches Dennis’s affinity toward uplifting people is his love for coffee.

Dennis is very excited to be in his role; for him, it means positively impacting organizations at the heart of where our decisions are made – The People.

I hope this gives you a little more insight into who I am!

Now, it’s your turn – Who are you?

Till next time, Stay Caffeinated
Yours in all things leadership,

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