Train had it wrong?

Photo Credit: Chris Casacelli

There’s a line in Train’s Drops of Jupiter that always hit for me and it goes like this:

“Can you imagine no love, pride, deep-fried chicken
Your best friend always sticking up for you
Even when I know you’re wrong?”

Now, if I know anything, it’s I love chicken. It’s one of my food groups right next to wine – And while I love my best friends and colleagues sticking up for me, I prefer if they don’t do it when I’m wrong. In fact, make that, especially when I’m wrong.

Doing the right thing should always be the goal, and when your friends or leaders help you do wrong, it becomes part of a toxic culture. One where leaders are not keeping each other capable or even accountable can lead to majorly unbalanced leadership styles.

We all need a little course correction sometime, and doing what is right may not always be the easiest thing to do – but the right thing hardly is. That’s what sets the best leaders apart from the common ones.

I want to lead every day being the absolute best version of myself, and we should want that for others. Honest, integrity and principles should all align in the shared goal of holding each other accountable and capable as well.

The only thing stronger than trust is truth; we should all strive for that level of transparency in all we do.

Y’all with me?

Till next time, Stay Caffeinated
Yours in all things leadership,

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