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This one is for all my Michael Jackson fans; It’s time for some TLC. (That’s Tender loving care for all my folks who have not kept their urban dictionary up to date.

This is your friendly reminder from the universe to stop chasing waterfalls for a little while. Of course, the goal in leadership is always to evolve and be better every day. But, sometimes, we forget in that mission that we are enough. So, I’m here to tell you (and this is the pot calling the kettle black) that even superman takes the day off. But, and I hate admitting this in writing, most of us are not saving the world in our typical daily lives.

That means…. that email can wait, the project has a deadline for a reason, and it’s time to focus on your passion. Whether that’s paintings, catching some rays at the beach, or even lazing out in bed. It’s worth the time, and you’re worth investing the time into. But, unfortunately, time is the one thing we don’t get back in this world, so unless you have a time machine or foundation of youth handy – it’s time to get back to the basics. And that means loving and celebrating the incredible human being that you are by taking a well-deserved break.

Lead from the front and set an example for those around you. Raise a glass to freedom with me, won’t you?

PS: Quick shout-up to those superheroes who are saving the world 24/7 sending the best of vibes to you all!

Till next time, Stay Caffeinated
Yours in all things leadership,

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