Lead, don’t manage.

Video credit: Dennis Green

A time-old tale that has been discussed repeatedly in leadership – lies in the difference between a “manager” and a “leader.” In my humble perspective, one should always seek to be a leader. You’re probably asking, “Dennis, what is the difference?”

Before sending my perspectives out into the universe, I must set up how to understand the two titles. A manager manages people or a process for a result. And my issue with the matter is that managers can effectively scale off processes and achieve goals. But, sometimes, the human factor can be left out of the equation. That’s where leaders come in; a leader knows how to leverage human capital to produce results. And this is done not by usually sticking to a book, and that’s where managers can fail sometimes.

I learned the hard way you can’t always back processes and procedures if you want to build a game-winning culture. I hope you enjoyed this story on how I learned the value of leading versus managing.

The EQ Factor

One of the cornerstone qualities of a leader in this day and age is the ability to assess and read the emotions in situations. This is known as many things in the leadership world, empathy and social awareness, but I like to use a term called “Emotional Intelligence,” which has become a generally accepted term […]

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Get ready. Get set. Don’t go.

The most defining trait I’ve seen in a leader that has directly correlated back to their success is the ability to pivot. Leaders often set upon a mission with such ruthless and blind dedication to a cause, and it has usually caused the ruin of relationships, trust, and even credibility. Let’s dive a little deeper […]

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my first step?

Throughout my recanting of the many tales and adventures I’ve had in leadership – One of the biggest questions I’ve been asked is how I took my first step. And here it is, one of the first video blogs in the series is all about that! The hardest lesson for me at the beginning of […]

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