The EQ Factor

One of the cornerstone qualities of a leader in this day and age is the ability to assess and read the emotions in situations. This is known as many things in the leadership world, empathy and social awareness, but I like to use a term called “Emotional Intelligence,” which has become a generally accepted term […]

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Lead, don’t manage.

A time-old tale that has been discussed repeatedly in leadership – lies in the difference between a “manager” and a “leader.” In my humble perspective, one should always seek to be a leader. You’re probably asking, “Dennis, what is the difference?” Before sending my perspectives out into the universe, I must set up how to […]

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Get ready. Get set. Don’t go.

The most defining trait I’ve seen in a leader that has directly correlated back to their success is the ability to pivot. Leaders often set upon a mission with such ruthless and blind dedication to a cause, and it has usually caused the ruin of relationships, trust, and even credibility. Let’s dive a little deeper […]

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my first step?

Throughout my recanting of the many tales and adventures I’ve had in leadership – One of the biggest questions I’ve been asked is how I took my first step. And here it is, one of the first video blogs in the series is all about that! The hardest lesson for me at the beginning of […]

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This one is for all my Michael Jackson fans; It’s time for some TLC. (That’s Tender loving care for all my folks who have not kept their urban dictionary up to date. This is your friendly reminder from the universe to stop chasing waterfalls for a little while. Of course, the goal in leadership is […]

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Lead the way for others.

I didn’t choose to be gay or black; I just got lucky. Happy Belated #Juneteenth & #Pridemonth. Every year I celebrate the theme remains the same: “Be who you needed when you were younger”. And that’s always been key to even step I take on my adventures in leadership. That, and an amazing support system. I’ve always been #gay, #black, […]

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The long game

This one goes out to Zoltar, the fortune teller. Recently, I was given the opportunity of a lifetime when it came to my career. I was stuck between leaving a workplace well I was well celebrated, invested in, and had an amazing workplace culture. And, giving all that up to go join PlayStation – A […]

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Train had it wrong?

There’s a line in Train’s Drops of Jupiter that always hit for me and it goes like this: “Can you imagine no love, pride, deep-fried chickenYour best friend always sticking up for youEven when I know you’re wrong?” Now, if I know anything, it’s I love chicken. It’s one of my food groups right next […]

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Who I am?

One of the biggest questions I always struggle to answer is who I am? Professionally and in a community sense. Well, here is how I describe myself to all my leaders. I hope you don’t mind if I talk about myself in the third person! I find it much easier that way. Dennis Green is […]

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The biscuit

One of my favorite mottos says, “you gotta risk it to get the biscuit,” and the simple fact of the matter is, that not everyone gets the biscuit. Whether it’s your mindset, your loyal, or your need to stay comfortable, there will always be something that stops you from leading with your best foot forward. […]

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