I never believed in luck, which is ironic for someone who grew up in Las Vegas. Having a felon for a father and being raised by a single mother had its conflicting way of playing out in the grand scheme of things. I am the eldest boy of 19 siblings, so responsibility is something I […]

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Opportunity Cost analysis

Opportunity Cost Theory: Opportunity cost is an economics term that refers to the value of what you have to give up to choose something else. In a nutshell, it’s a value of the road not taken.  There are two things I know for sure about leadership. One is that your leadership moments, where you truly shine, don’t […]

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Behind the MASK

Not even going to lie – I love being a superhero, and my favorite moment to come through for anyone in my life is the clutch. And it’s addicting and majorly exhausting. So, in the grand scheme of life, I hope that all my leaders take the opportunity to take a breather. So let’s do […]

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The borg & Diversity

In Star Trek, a group of cybernetic humanoids known as the Borg exists. Their ultimate goal was to attain ‘perfection’ through the forcible assimilation of diverse sentient species, technologies, and knowledge that would be added and absorbed into the hive mind, translating into a stronger, more flawless group of leaders. Now, I do appreciate the […]

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On edge of the galaxy

All right y’all – Time to get nerdy! Leaders are not afraid of success; we’re scared of failure. And that’s always been the way of things.  There are few things we understand in the great unknown and vast edges of space. And the critical part of understanding that, especially as it comes to leadership, is […]

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Lead without being present.

Something I struggle with to this day is learning how to let go. I have serious fear of missing out, so I always want to be included. I’ve always been the type of leader who wants to jump in and pull up my sleeves. Unfortunately, you can’t always fight every fire (even if you think […]

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There is no time like the present.

Leaders are encouraged to be actively present and engaged in every moment. And that’s one of my secret weapons in all things leadership. When the going gets tough – the tough engage in whatever situation arises, good or bad. There is no better time to take control of your surroundings then right now! And that’s […]

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Protect your brand.

At the core of your being is a treasure full of potential that holds power to influence the masses, promote the quality of life in your community, and even change the world – And people want that.  The Eurythmics were not lying when they said, “Some of them want to use you” most relationships are […]

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Throw glitter, not shade.

Leadership plays a role in many venues, but one I haven’t touched on quite yet is my profession. My current profession is human resources, and it’s become my passion. Among the many lessons I’ve learned in my journey is that we play a part in culture; everyone assumes that it’s usually up to HR or […]

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The Little Things – Part 2

The bedrock trait of all leadership that I advocate leaders develop sooner rather than later is becoming Independent. And protect that independence. Because in the grand scheme of things, there will be pushes and pulls from others who want some part of your image for themselves. So how do you start promoting the development of […]

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